Monday, February 25

Good Eating Monday: Lime Curry Chicken!

Welcome to the final week of February!
The boring Oscars are over. I never watch. We have been watching "Zero Hour" on ABC, Thursday.
(I record it to watch together later.)
Today we've been doing the major portion of the prep work for the new floor install, such as taking down all the ventilated shelving in our walk-in storage closet. It all needed washing. Who invented this stuff? It doesn't just rinse off. You have to use a old tooth brush to get in-between there. I'm talking 12 ventilated shelf segments, 8 small, 4 large, though I only washed the 8 smaller ones for now.
 I've decided I will also repaint that storage closet next week before we put the shelves back up. Painting is easy. 
I cleaned the stove today, too. It's Roper continuous cleaning gas range, which isn't a type made anymore. The interior surface of sides and back of oven is a course texture that doesn't need cleaning. Only the bottom, door, racks & broiler trays need to be sprayed with oven cleaner and I wanted to do that BEFORE a new floor was put in.
My next gas range will be self-cleaning.
Since I noticed today the metal on the bottom of the oven has a couple teeny-tiny holes eaten through it by rust, that "next range" is on the not-so-distant horizon probably. I'll have to consider it in the next year or so.

Anyway today's food of choice is:
Lime Curry Chicken
(Or it can be Lime Curry Coconut Chicken if you like coconut!)

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs of desired quantity.
Fresh limes, about 1 per tray of thighs (zest will be used, too)
Garlic cloves, 1 per tray of thighs
Bottle of Curry seasoning
Flour, enough to roll all thighs in.
Optionals: Shredded, sweet coconut
                  Red pepper, if you want your curry spicier.
First thighs need to be marinated for 30 min to l hr in lime & garlic. Mince garlic. Layer your boneless thighs in the bottom of a bowl or pan. Grate lime zest over the top, then sprinkle with garlic. Juice the lime and pour the juice over thighs. If you have more then one tray of thighs, repeat for each layer. Cover and chill.
To prepare for baking:
On large plate add a generous portion of flour suited to your quantity of thighs. Season flour with salt, a couple tablespoons of Curry and, if you want a touch of spice, a teaspoon of red pepper.. If you want coconut, add coconut to the flour mix, too. Then coat a lime marinated thigh on both sizes in seasoned flour mix and place in greased baking pan. Repeat with each thigh. You can sprinkle a bit of extra coconut on top once in pan, if desired.
Bake at 400 till done, which is about 30 minutes for a single tray of 5 or 6 thighs. Since I did 24 thighs, that took about an hour.
Pan-Asian Veggie Stir Fry Side:
In advance, steam a cup of rice, so it's ready to go.
Then mince 1 clove of garlic and put in a frying pan with a couple teaspoons of olive oil. (No heat on yet)  Add around outer edges of pan: 1 cup carrot matchsticks, 1/4 cup thinly sliced onion, 1 cup thinly sliced cabbage, one handful dark raisins.

Turn heat on under pan to med-high. Let garlic begin to sizzle in olive oil 15 seconds, then begin stir-frying all ingredients together until cabbage is wilted and onion cooked. Now add your steamed rice and stir to combine well.

Last: shake some Kikkoman Lite Soy Sauce over top, just enough to color all the rice, so it's completely coated. Stir to mix well. Done. Ready to serve with your Lime Curry Chicken.
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

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