Monday, February 11

Good Eating Monday: Quick Angelfood Snack Cake

Welcome back!
Any plans for Valentines?
The Mama Kat prompt this week will be about how my husband made one Valentine's day uniquely special.

The Gary Sinise & Lt. Dan Band this past Saturday was fantastic!
A fun, family orientated free show that lasted 2 1/2 hours! They do a lot of USO touring, though this wasn't USO sponsored. It was sponsored by the base and the GarySiniseFoundation.Org. The concert was outdoors. Fortunately, it was a gorgeous sunnyday, though the breeze was chilly.
I missed the memo on being able to bring a blanket and the metal bleacher seats, since they'd been out all night, were freezing cold!
Mr. Sinese is a great speaker and shared how he got involved with  supporting military veterans, which he's being do for 20 years.
 His memory of the rejection Vietnam vets experienced post-war in the 70's is what motivates him to make sure that never happens again.
I remember that, too. I joined the Air Force right after high school in 1975, when joining the miliary was pretty far from cool.
No one was thanking us back then for serving.
 (Mr. Sinise also graduated high school in the early 70's.)

Today's cool Good Eating recipe is for
 a 2 ingredient Angel Food Snack Cake!
I made it this past Sunday and, overall, it was delicious.
It can come out a little moist, depending, I suppose, on how juicy the pie filling is. I used blueberry, which is a very juicy filling, so the cake was a soggy sponge at the very center, though still yummy.
Even so, I didn't have a single piece leftover!

Angelfood Snack Cake
1 box Angel Food cake mix, any brand
1 can pie filling, any flavor (apple or cherry work best!)

Pour cake mix in a bowl, add pie filling and stir together until well mixed. Pour into a greased 10 x 13 baking pan (metal or glass) and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Cake will puff up, but sinks to normal while cooling. When done, remove and cool, then cut into squares. Makes 24.
After Testing Report:
Having tried both blueberry pie filling and country cherry pie filling, I found the cherry worked better. That's because really juicy fillings with a high liquid consistency, like blueberry or lemon, make the cake too wet, especially in the middle.
A possible fix for the juicer fillings might be to mix in at least a Tablespoon of cornstarch (maybe 2) into the filling before adding to the angel food cake mix.
You'll have to experiment! Have fun!
Enjoy trying this out!
One of our single guys even jotted this recipe down in his journal to try making!
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

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