Tuesday, February 5

Polyvore Tuesday: Alejandro Ingelmo Shoes

     Welcome back!
I'm expecting the measuring guys from the flooring store today. We'll see how that goes.

Today I have 2 Polyvore contest set entries to show you.

One is for Alejandro Ingelmo shoes and the other is Dannijo jewelry.

Shape of the Future with Alejandro Ingelmo

Shape of the Future with Alejandro Ingelmo by madamdreamweaver

I don't know much about some of this high fashion companies and I thought Al Ingelmo looked so young---I wondered how he ended up in a big time shoe business?
Well, it turns out it's a generational family business he's inherited. Lucky he likes shoes and didn't grow up wanting to be a dentist!

I also noticed in one photo that he was wearing a small, plain gold cross on a chain and wondered what that meant to him.
The Dannijo jewelry is high-end jewelry with a  hippy flair developed by a pair of sisters.

Peaceful Warriors + Trippy Hippies with DANNIJO

Both sets are nice, but competition seems quite heavy in the way of high quality fashion sets in contrast to the last adidas contest.
Only one prize is being given away for each contest: a pair of Alejandro heels and a Dannijo necklace.
Not that I'm crazy about either.
I just like the contests because they offer inspiration and challenge to try out new combinations and design ideas.


Also Zazzle is having daily sales! Just drop by and look at top of page above my store banner!
Here's a cute 3 x 3 jewelry box with a Doodle Heart design! 

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