Tuesday, February 12

Polyvore Tuesday: Borg Designer Collective

 Today's Polyvore design is a actually parody on the type of sets Polyvore typically picks to win contests.

 All the winners of these Designer Collective contests tend to involve newsprint, photos of models, clothing and lots of trivial sayings in a rectangular magazine-page sort of lay out. 
It is rare that they pick anything with any real imagination.
So for this special set, I feature the Borg Queen, played by Alice Kirge, from the Next Generation Star Trek movie.
The clothing is, of course, a selection of grunge clothing (what else would a Borg Queen wear?), neon yellow high heels and a couple coordinated Meredith Wendell contest accessory pieces.
I think that little saying about "the best way to predict the future is to create it" completely appropriate to a Borg theme and I added that pair of well known Borg expressions about being "assimilated."
(If you're unacquainted with Star Trek lore, the Borg refer to their community as a "collective.")

And, yes, I entered it the official contest and had a good laugh.
Is it tongue-in-cheek?
Will it win? Fat chance.
Making it, however, made me feel better.
(Did I mention I'm a very competitive and don't like losing?)

Color Theory with Meredith Wendell

Color Theory with Meredith Wendell by madamdreamweaver
I'm working on clearing out the hall closet a little every day in prep for removing the shelves for the floor to be put in.
It's an opportunity to sort through things and get rid of stuff. Luckily the local YMCA is having their spring yard sale on March 9!
Perfect timing.

In honor of the new floor, I also ordered a new set of braided rugs from Penney's for the living room. They're rectangular. One large and 2 matching smaller for front and rear entry doors.
 They're a mix of tan, blue and red in color, which will go nicely with my decor that is lots of earthly wood and browns with a couple blue furniture pieces and general red accents.
The current reddish oval braided rug will find new service under the dining table, which presently has no rug.

I only need to find one, maybe two rugs for the guest bath sans vinyl-backing and something small without backing for in front of the garage entry.
Getting a Swifter Sweeper is also on my agenda.
I'm don with old-fashioned mopping & waxing.

Good news! Zazzle is opening an official U.S. Army Fan Merch store with certain licensed logo merchandise, which all Zazzler's, like me, are invited to design for.

So, I've been working on a couple "Army Strong" slogan shirt designs. The rules are very strict, however, and all designs have be approved before acceptance, plus various other fine-print details to abide by.
Even so, it's a cool idea and a great opportunity!
(All designs will appear in the top flash panel once approved.)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what's up in the garden! 

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