Tuesday, February 26

Polyvore Tuesday: Guess Girl

Greetings on this second day of final prep for the floor installers tomorrow!
The main body of the house---which includes hall, kitchen, main room and guest bath---is now empty; a big cavernous, echoing space.
While they're doing the floor, our plan is to stay here in the computer room with our cat, coffee pot and snacks.
Numerous years ago we had to do a smaller, but similar pack of up the living room area in order to have a section of sewer pipe under the floor replaced. Having my home in chaotic disorder made me a little anxious and, since then, I've been nervous that clearing out for the even bigger deal of a floor replacement would also make me anxious.
As it turns out, though, I've not been anxious at all. Instead, I've rather enjoyed sorting, packing and deep cleaning. I'm just tired from moving all the big things around.
I have a great deal of wood. The baseboard through-out the house is walnut stained pine, which looks great with my oyster white walls.
(Only the bedroom walls are painted a deep burgandy color for darkness. The rest of the house needs the white to make it bright.)
The upside of wood is it's beauty and warmth, the downside is it needs to be moisturized periodically. I like Pledge Orange Oil got this, so clearing everything out was a fantastic opportunity to take care of part baseboard portions normally out of sight and reach.
Today's Polyvore Set features Guess Girl Cologne:
 I guess they're introducing a new scent

My Guess Girl contest entry:

Are You a GUESS Girl?

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