Tuesday, February 19

Polyvore Tuesday: My Favorite Canadians!

Greetings! Welcome back!
Yesterday was President's Day, a holiday, so I didn't do a Good Eating post.
I continue to prep for the new floor install. This week will be major push to packing up such things as glassware I have stored in a couple decorative cabinets in living room.
This past Sunday I offered a stack of games and a few vintage Star Trek/Star Wars memorabilia
to members of our leadership team, who come to our house weekly for a meal and Bible study. (Stuff I've had since the 70's, believe it or not.)
Luckily, I knew I had some hard-core Trekkers and Star War fans among them.  I had 4 items to give away and below are the 4 takers, who were delighted to add them to their collections!
Plus, this is a board game-playing crowd, so every single game I had in the stack was quicky adopted!
Friends happily showing off the Star Trek/Star Wars memorabilia I ;passed on!
All the braided rugs I ordered have come in and we picked up suitable throw rugs for the guest bath and new chair pads for the wooden dining table chairs from Kmart yesterday. The rugs remain put away till the floor is in; only the seat pads went directly to use.
My other set was old, old, but still really usuable because I fluff them weekly in the dryer with a dryer sheet for a 10 min spin: that's the secret.

Of our Sunday gang, only my friend, Megan, knows the house is about to have a major make-over.
Everyone else is in for a surprise the Sunday after the install, but being mostly guys, the test is: will they notice?
Today's Polyvore set is one I made for my "Around the World in 80 Sets" member group, which is themed on "Canada" this week.
I did a photo montage of  Wolverine, Paul Gross, as he appeared on "Due South," and Stephen Amell as he appears on "Arrow." 
 The Province they each hail from is listed after their names.
Of course, it is only Wolverine, the fictional character, who is from Alberta; not the actor.

My Favorite Canadians

My Favorite Canadians by madamdreamweaver

Tomorrow, Garden Pics! And Thursday, a Blog Prompt!

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