Wednesday, March 13

Garden Pic Wednesday: Shamrocks!

Since this week is St. Patrick's Day, I thought a this photo of sweet little Shamrocks would be appropriate as the Garden Pic of the Day!

These make a wonderful shade ground cover. The ones I have planted themselves and I just move pieces of them about.
The flowers are true to color: pink on the lavender side with green centers.
We had a leak under the guest bath vanity, so that was a 2nd plumber bill. Luckily, we like him and he's a great home-town sort of plumber, who's lived here all his life.
Now I have to fix both vanity bottoms!
Though, I can put that off until after we back from an upcoming vacation.
Priority is fixing the trim in the walk-in storage closet, so I can paint, so we can put the shelves back up and clear out the guest room.
One of our single Air Force friends is going to be house sitting the cat and needs someplace to sleep!
Interested in home-made weed & insect solutions?

Here's a link for a dozen.
I learned spraying bell peppers with a epsom salt/water mix while they're flowering helps peppers set, so I made up a bottle. Cool beans.
For 11 other ideas, go here:

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