Thursday, March 21

Mama Kat Thursday: 10 Random Things I Don't Do

10 Random Things  I DON'T know how to do:

1) Knit.  I think I might someday like to learn, since knitting is handier for actually making clothing then crochet, but currently it's not something I know.

2)  Scuba Dive. I've never had any interest in learning that particular hobby/sport. Besides not being interested in swimming under water, everyone I know who has taken lessons has come away with an ear-drum damage. How fun is that?

How to Make Crepes. That's something I've never bothered to try. Just not interested
4)  Making Pasta From Scratch. Nope. Not when it's soooo much easier to by the stuff ready-made in a box.

5)  Ballroom Dance. Too expensive to take up, even if I could talk hubby into it. I did a sample Fred Astaire thing once, though, where they show you a couple steps, then try and sell you an expensive program. I said forget it.

6)  Ball Sports. Like baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. I mean I understand the rules of baseball, but I can't catch balls. I don't know how. I totally lack any sort of ball coordination skills for any sort of hitting, catching, bouncing, kicking, throwing, etc.

7)  Play A Musical Instrument. I can't play guitar or piano or any instrument. I never was in band. I might add I can't even carry a tune to sing.

8)  Major Remodeling-Type Things: I don't know how to re-do a roof or lay a floor or install carpet or put in a toilet or anything else large scale like that.

9)  Build My Own Computer. I know people who enjoy doing that, but I don't know a thing about computer guts and am not likely to.

10)  Skydive. That's on my "never gonna happen list" right next to scuba diving.
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Carrie said...

I think I agree with everything on your list :)

visiting from Mama Kat

Miriam Gomberg said...

I like you already! Didn't consider the sky diving thing. I definitely don't know how and I'm not the least bit interested in jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Thanks for sharing. M

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

i can't do any of those things either... i did skydive once, 12 years ago and that was enough for me. i tried to make homemade pasta once too and it was a giant fail!

Jerralea said...

We must be kindred spirits; I can't do any of those things either. I would have to pushed out of a plane to sky dive, but it wouldn't matter, because I would be dead of a heart attack.

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