Thursday, March 28

Mama Kat Thursday: The Hated Meal

The Mama Kat Prompt Topic for today is:
"Something You Cooked that Nobody Liked."
I suppose we've all had those days. I admit there's even been a couple recipes I've tried that I didn't even like.
However, this particular case involved my husband not liking something.
Normally, when it comes to my cooking, he's my biggest fan. And he's easy to cook for, since he'll likes most anything and is always willing to try something new.
I know I'm lucky he's a good eater. I've met plenty of women with husbands who are picky-eaters, who won't touch vegetables or don't like casseroles or left-overs or some other peculiarity.

Now one thing I love is canned salmon and making salmon patties.
It's something we ate growing up. Plus they make pretty healthy meal.
Some years ago I decided to make salmon patties for dinner.
My husband sat down at the table and I set a plate loaded with a nicely browned salmon patty and a side in front of him.
He politely ate it, but at the end, after consuming the whole salmon patty, he looked at me and said, "I never want to eat this again."

Turns out he's just not a salmon fan, especially salmon in can.
I didn't know that and I don't think he did either, since it wasn't something he grew up eating.

So now, I just make salmon patties for myself to eat for lunch and that moment has become a funny story I love to re-tell.

Next new post will be April 15 for Good Eating Monday!


Barbara Morden said...

I have a hubby who likes just about anything, too. Once I served steamed spinach and he hated it so, I get him to enjoy it only fresh in a salad. Enjoyed your post.

The Lovely One said...

Oh, I think it was super sweet that he ate it all and didn't complain, he just asked never to eat again! That's a smart man, right there!

Bewildered Bug said...

Aw and they look so good!!!

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