Tuesday, March 12

Polyvore Tuesday: Sperry Top-Sider Contest

Welcome back!
I finally got an email back from Zazzle on the blank flash panels and it was a typical reply: we know about the problem, it's being investigated, we'll fix it as soon as we can.
What I've been working on in my store is updating search catagory tags. For example, searching the word "coffee mug" produces 200,000 product entries. (Who's going to look thru all that?)
But entering something like "grump face" puts my Before-After Coffee items among 35 product entries.
I have to run searches in Zazzle with various tags relative to my products to see what turns up the best results.
It takes a bit of time to do, but worthwhile.

Today's projects are doing some outside clean-up, since it's still too wet to dig up the garden bed and on the inside I want to work on prepping the walk-out in closet for a full re-paint, plus I need to clean and check the trim in there.
Tonight is bible study up on base, so it's a shorter work day for me.

Today's Polyvore set is my favorite entry for the Sperry
 Top-Sider "Pack for Vacationland" contest.
They'll be picking 10 sets they like best to on their Facebook page for a final vote to the top 5. Those 5 winners will each win a pair of Sperry shoes of their choice.
I used a vacation photo collage theme and really love the skirt.
I look at that and think I wouldn't mind trying to make something along those lines. It'd just take a pair of Goodwill jeans, some scissors and some eyelet ruffle or fabric from Joann's---if I were willing to get that sewing machine out for a dedicated week of mess on the dining table, which is my "sewing center."  And if I had the stuff on hand, which I don't.
I used to have a pair of Goodwill jeans I was intending to make into a skirt some years ago in my large sewing storage hamper-basket I keep in the spare bedroom--but when I went to look for it, it was mysteriously disappeared.
Back around that time, a friend's visiting girlfriend stayed in that room. After her visit I much later discovered a whole 3 yards of fabric I'd purchased and had stored in that hamper "mysteriously missing." It was a gorgeous blue knit with large greenish flowers that I'd purchased along with a matching quantity of plain blue for an intended future outfit.
 However, when I went looking to use it, that flowered fabric was "gone" and only the plain blue fabric remained.
I'm quite sure she absconded with it, perhaps with that worn pair of Goodwill jeans, too. Why, I'll  never know. The jeans were extra large for tailoring room and the fabric was just flat fabric.
It's one of those things that makes you go, "Hmmmm..."

Good Friends, Great Times, Special Memories

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