Tuesday, April 23

Polyvore Tuesday: Madagascar

Do you watch Once Upon a Time?
We're busy Sunday evenings with our home Bible Study, so I usually either have record it via VCR tape or just watch it on my computer at abc.com.
Last weeks episode, called "The Price of Magic" was a full recap of this seasons events, to catch everyone up who might of either missed episodes or just tuned in.
The most recent episode, "Lacey" was largely occupied with Mr. Gold's relationship with the love-of-his-life, Belle, who had recently losy her regained memories of her magical pre-Storybrooke life. Regina, the Mayor and Evil Queen, wanted to spite him and gave Belle a new set of memories of being a scandalous, "bad girl" barfly known as "Lacey."
[It was said in the story that "these were her memories of who'd she been before the curse," however, I clearly recall last season that Belle was locked up in Regina's secret mental-hospital-like facility, with no knowledge of Mr.Gold or who she was. She was released only shortly before the curse was lifted and remembered her magical story land life when everyone else did and she and Mr.Gold were once more a happy couple.

 So, I'm not sure what happened to that part of the story or if it will be revisited in some bit of back-story.
Her charm to Rumple previously had been her ability to see and believe in "the good" in him. In a weird twist, as the new bad girl "Lacey," she is the opposite of her previous self and now finds Mr.Gold's "bad boy" side attractive. So, apparently, he's can be reunited with his love without having to pretend he's a nice guy anymore.
So, instead of hurting him, Regina has now empowered him to unrestrained in his nastiness.
(This plot point was only one small part of the total episode.)

The Polyvore set for today is one I did for my "80 Sets Around the World" group, themed on the country of Madagascar.
Naturally, I couldn't resist doing a set themed on the Madagasar cartoon of the zoo animals ending up marooned there.
Totally cute.
The 3rd movie was by far my favorite.


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