Tuesday, April 16

Polyvore Tuesday: Spring Fancy

There's not much going on in Polyvore just now, which is surprising. I thought sure I'd come back from vacation and find a bunch of fresh new contests going on, but no.
So, since it's spring, I decided to up a fanciful art piece I put together last year:

Flights of Fancy

Flights of Fancy by madamdreamweaver

I'm also currently working on another card design for a Hallmark card contest for a birthday card for a guy. May's contest is for Valentine cards and I have a couple ideas.
Plus I have a bunch of fresh ideas to put together for my Zazzle store!A phone cover and another Before-After Coffee Tie were purchased while we were away! Yay!
 I must say that tie is a very popular item!
I've noticed the post office frequently misses canceling Zazzle stamps. We get ministry newsletters and Christmas cards returned fairly often (because people don't tell us when they move)
and most come back un-canceled.

 I just cut them out and re-use them.
If you get any mail with a Zazzle stamp, be sure and check that!

Come back tomorrow for Garden Pics & news!

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