Tuesday, April 30

Polyvore Tuesday: Unlock the Flowers

I was outside mowing the front yard today and doing a little grass clipping on a section that has the road on one side and driveway along other.
A new neighbor, a young man, recently moved into a home two houses down from us and he was out walking his German Shepherd this afternoon. He stopped and said "hello," and introduced himself as Nathan. I asked a bit about him and fournd out that he works at one of the local airports and is prior military.
 That was kind of neat, because, really, hardly anyone in our neighborhood speaks to one another. Most leave early to work and work all day, coming home after 5, then they stay inside.
We've met the neighbor on our other side, whose name is Eric. He lives with a girlfriend their, but we rarely see either of them. They both work and come out, then stay in the house. Eric bought the house because he wanted a quiet neighborhood.
With computers and home theatre-type entertainment centers, people tend to stay in their "caves."

Speaking of caves, we saw "The Croods" this past weekend. It was cute. Not cute enough to own. One viewing was enough.
We're really looking forward to Iron Man 3!  We have a retreat this weekend at Panama City Beach we're taking about 22 of our singles to and there's talk of seeing Iron Man Sunday afternoon on our way back. We'll see how that works out. 
Continuing with a spring theme, today's Polyvore set is artful fantasy garden landscape:

Unlock the Flowers

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