Tuesday, May 14

Polyvore Tuesday: Cheesecake Themed Contest

I watched the season finale of Once Upon a Time yesterday at abc.com and---Wow! What a great storyline transition.
They've been exploring "Never Land" in recent episodes, but it appears the Peter Pan story has is a darker place in Once Upon a Time and he's no Mr. Nice Guy!
I also watched the season finale of "Castle." I watch the show because it's fluff. My husband stays in the computer room and can hear it and he'll often call out, "What does she (Kate) see in that guy (Castle) anyway?"
I respond, "Castle is the comic relief."
He does border on buffoonery sometimes. (That's what makes the show fluff.)  And, since Kate & Castle have given in to being in love, I keep wondering how long the writers will have to keep figuring out ways to threaten their relationship every week so the audience will stay tuned in?
I haven't always kept up with the show, but kept thinking Nathan Fillion, who plays Castle, sure is looking overweight this season. season. Then they ran an episode of clips from previous episodes and it showed.
He's only 42. I realize he has a stout build and I don't know what's going on in his life, but, while he's still young enough to be able to do at least a light to moderate fitness program and make eating lifestyle changes, I think the studio really ought to encourage it.
Here's my newest Polyvore set: it's for a dessert orientated member group I recently joined that required using a large cheesecake picture along with some modest fashion.
I tried to give it a dreamy quality and
call it "Orange Meringue."
I really love the colors in this dress---those are my colors!
Orange Meringue

Come back tomorrow for Wednesday's Garden Pic!

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