Tuesday, May 28

Polyvore Tuesday: "What I'd Be" Set

Well, I'm back and functioning normally again! I drove up to the YMCA this morning to peddle around in the pool sitting on a pool-noodle, which is like riding a bike in water.
Before that, I stopped in a hair place in the same plaza to get a trim. I've never used this shop before, but I was looking for a new cutter, someone close by.
Holly did a fine job, so I think that will be my new hair cut home from now on.
I told her the name of the flower shop I used to work at and she told me a horrible customer service story about them. A deploying military guy made advance arrangements for birthday flowers to be delivered for his wife on her birthday while he was gone.

But instead of delivering the pre-paid birthday flowers on the wife's birthday, they delivered them the day after her birthday, leaving the poor wife in dismay that her husband had forgotten her on her actual birthday.
When the husband heard, he canceled payment (rightfully so).
Now, during the time I worked there, if such a mistake happened (and it did), the shop would bend over backwards to make amends, even sending a second complimentary apology arrangement and definitely refunding the price paid, no questions asked.
(Good reputation is everything in business.)
However, that's not what the current shop management did.
They did something far more stinky: they sent the delivery driver to the wife's place of employment, where the flowers had been originally delivered, and simply took back the arrangement!
(In front of everyone she worked with!)
That is appalling customer service.
I assured my cutter that the current flower shop management is not the people I used to work for.  It's been under different management for several years and, sadly, it's apparently going down hill.
Anyway today 's  Polyvore set is an older one I did for a group contest called, "If I could..."
 The theme was "what dress, shoe, candy, book and movie" would you want to be, if you could be any for a week?
If I Could....

If I Could.... by madamdreamweaver

Come back tomorrow for Garden Pic Wednesday!


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