Friday, June 28

Friday Zazzle Finds: Computer Mouse Maze Shirt

Zazzle has completely redesigned their site! Whole new look! Bigger View!
To see, visit my Art Boutique, Bevstuff!

I'm always working on adding new designs.
I've added additional "Even Zombies Love Chocolate" items like phone covers, an ipad cover and a coaster set
(If you like Zombies and Chocolate) 

Another fun idea I came up with is a
Maze Game design:
Except, in this case, it's a computer mouse that needs to
be guided through the maze to the "cheese"!
I created the computer mouse and cheese graphics and the words "Find the Cheese" have holes like they're made of Swiss.
The idea started for a computer mouse pad, but has spread to other products. (We all know how mice reproduce!) and is available on a tote, ipad and keychain.

Computer Mouse Maze Shirt

I've put this design on several product! They're in Funny Stuff!

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Katherine Phillips said...

These items are so cute!!!

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