Friday, June 21

Friday Zazzle Findings: Summer Stamps & Zombie Chocolate Shirts!

I'm excited to show you some new designs that I've recently added to my Zazzle Store and am particularly pleased with!
If you're interested in any, just click here.

First: My newest addition to my 4 Season Collection of small size postage: Summer!
I had a hard time deciding on a theme, but finally came up with this summer neighborhood street scene with an ice cream truck driving by. It's full of miniature details, like a tire swing, a kite in the sky, a cute little ice cream truck and even tiny flowers on the shrubs.
(All painstakingly drawn by me)

Next : My medium sized Seagull By the Sea Watercolor stamp!
It's graphically drawn on computer, but in a watercolor style based on photos I took this spring at Panama City Beach.
The Gulf is typically turquoise colored and these dark-head gulls are common.

And finally: My "Even Zombies Love Chocolate" Shirt!
You can find lots of shirts in Zazzle about Zombies eating brains, but Zombies loving Chocolate is unique and I think Zombies might like dessert.
(Hey, they did a movie about a Zombie boy being in love with an  human girl!)
I thought it'd be a fun addition to my collection of chocolate themed products and Zombies are all the rage these days.
It's designed to go on any color shirt for any age or gender, though I find it looks better on light. I particularly like it on this pale teal.
There's also a mug and a tote available and I have plans to add the design to other products!

Thanks for stopping by! Do check out my Bevstuff store!

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