Wednesday, June 5

Garden Pic Wednesday: Monster Hibiscus & Liriope

It's been quite dry here for several weeks, so I've not been mowing. But today---a good chance some rain is predicted, so I mowed today---though, not a complete mow.  More a spot mow where grass was long and still green. Where it's dry I left it alone.
Everyday, I'm picking fat blackberries and putting them in a container in a freezer. I have making fresh blackberry jam in mind.
Today's Garden Pics:
First up, my "monster" Hardy Hibiscus.
This plant is over 8 feet tall---uncommonly tall for the breed, which normally runs only 3 to 4 feet in height max.
It's been tall like this ever since I first sprouted it's seed and planted 4 years ago and it consistently comes back this height every year.
I keep it tied to a pole and staked on 3 sides to keep it upright.
It's gorgeous when it comes into bloom, which will be soon. Also it and the Pampas Grass next to it make a fantastic natural fence between us and our neighbors living room window.
That's a large bush of Black-eyed Susan's that wintered over from last year in front of it.
Next photo:
Another stand of Black-eyed Susan's with Liriope or Turf Lily blooming on either side. These sit on the corner of our parking
Liriope is a resilient, drought-tolerant edging plant that fills in very quickly. It's extremely rambunctious, spreading easily via root runners underground.
It performs well in sun or shade. This Liriope is obviously in full sun.
Because this Liriope enjoys the benefit my watering the Black-eyed Susan, it's blooms are a particularly pretty lavender, which is what made them photo worthy!

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