Thursday, June 27

Mama Kat Thursday: Love Notes

 There's normally several unique Mama Kat prompt topics to choose from weekly such as nature, favorite recipes, a list of places you'd visit if money were no object, etc.
Today's selected topic is:
"Something your spouse does that makes you happy."

My husband does lots of things that make me happy, being the considerate fellow that he is.
Probably one of the most notable things he does that makes me very happy is he leaves me love notes on Post-its.
It's not every day, so it's more special when I do find one, usually tucked into the handle of my Mr. Coffee pot every now and then, waiting for me to find when I get up, since he leaves early.

There is one especially memorable time about 6 years ago, when he was going to be out of town for several days, that he decided to compose 20 Post-it love notes (heart-shaped), then gleefully hid them all over the house!
I think he let me know there were a bunch and it turned into a fun game for me to try and find them while he was away.
I swear they were all over the place: in the coffee bean can, in my Bible, on my keyboard, in my cereal box, in my jewelry box, in the toilet paper, in a shoe, on the washer---just every nook and cranny!
Honestly, I never did find all them before he came home!
He had to tell me where the last couple were.
To this day one of those little notes is still stuck on a box in my storage closet (eye-level no less, though it was one of those I didn't find!) and I've left it as a reminder of that sweet gesture.
Besides, who doesn't need to turn around in a closet and find a heart-shaped "I love you" note?
(We'll be married 31 years come September!)
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Ann Harrison said...

This is making me so-o-o-o happy and, a bit teary. How lovely!!!

In the toilet paper,huh? ;->

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage and I look forward to placing note around the house for our next anniversary. (You've helped inspire me.)

Stacey @ Chasing Cloud 9 said...

Aw, so sweet! Love little romantic things like that.

Pride In Photos said...

You have a great romeo on your is no wonder you have been married over 30 years♥

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