Tuesday, June 4

Polyvore Tuesday: Garden Style Set

Have you ever used one of those Eraser sponges? 
 I suppose they're effective on plastic, but if you use them on anything with even the slightest texture---like a wall, for example, they wear away to nothing very fast. I had 2 on hand and used them to wipe down the marked up walls of my kitchen pantry in prep for painting tomorrow and both sponges disintegrated. I barely finished before the second was crumbs. (And they were new.)  
Waste of money.
Better to use an old fashioned sponge and glass cleaner, I say.
Today's Polyvore set is a garden themed one around the idea of "what would you wear to work outside in your garden."
I usually wear a long-sleeved shirt, a wide-brim straw hat, old sneakers and sweat pants or light knit capri's, depending on the weather.
Give Me A Garden...

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