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Polyvore Tuesday: Top Set Pick for June!

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Have you seen the new Superman movie, "Man of Steel"?
We enjoyed it, though I don't think I want to own the DVD. I have to feel like it's something I'll want to watch over and over and over to own it and I feel Man of Steel was a good one-timer at the theatre. Some movies are just like that.
It's clean, with only a bit of rude adolescent name-calling at the beginning, but has A LOT of "super" fight action--to a point I felt impatient with it. I guess it didn't completely suspend my sense of "Superman reality" because I kept thinking: "Wouldn't Superman, who wants to protect Earth people, lead the bad guys away from the small town rather then be an instrument of flattening it? Wouldn't he consider collateral damage?"
Though, admittedly, this "protecting humans" business is new to him as the film is about him figuring himself and his role in this world out.

Henry Cavill, however, was great in the role and an excellent actor choice. He looked the part. If they did another, I'd go see it.
If you read his Imbd comments on the role, he referenced several of the Superman comics for character inspiration and, about realizing the responsibility of taking on the role of Superman, said, "he understood the responsibility and was willing to take it."
Superman is sooo iconic, I believe that a very important attitude to have.
(He's British, by the way; the first non-American to take the role.)

Today's Polyvore set is another one I made for the Covergirl/Target contest was selected by Polyvore as a "Top Set" for June 13th!
Everyday Polyvore employees select a handful of sets out of 1000's they consider "the best" for that day and feature them on their "Top Sets" page.
The criteria said entries were to be "dramatic," which to my mind is a pretty nebulous adjective, but I tried to aim every set at it nevertheless.
(Who knows "dramatic" to means to the judges??)
I know a magazine-ad style set with newsprint is something they like, so this set reflects that style. That I ended up putting it on an angle rather then on the square is what really makes it stand out.
(I often think, "what can I do to make MY set stand out?" out of literally 1000's of entries.)
So getting picked for a Top Set was pretty cool!
The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It by madamdreamweaver

Come back tomorrow for garden photos!

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