Wednesday, July 24

Garden Pic Wednesday: Gardenia & Green Sweat Bee

Welcome back!
I have several pictures for you today:
First, our Gardenia bush with it's new hair-cut! 
I finished that up yesterday. I cut about 3 to 4 feet off all around.
Don't worry, it likes it. It will leaf out in by fall with a bunch of fresh growth and set up for bloom next year!

Next, an amazing shot of a metallic green Sweat Bee on my Cone Flower below:

And finally, the interesting orange blossoms of a spikey succulent in my double pot front that sits by the tree just in front of that Gardenia shrub.
The stalk is about 20 inches tall.

Also I caught a great shot this morning of a Tree Frog that apparently has taken up residence in one of my bird houses hanging in a low tree in back. I was about to take a peek inside, to see if it'd been used by a Wren, when a Tree Frog crawled up and perched himself in the opening.
I plan on adding it to my Critter Calender for 2014, so I won't be posting the photo here, though is was sooo funny!
Not the usual bird house renter.

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