Wednesday, July 10

Garden Pic Wednesday: Miniature Hosta

There's a brief thunder shower going on. There's a daily chance of a heat shower always during this time of year.
Today I do light garden duty: I turned a metal tea storage tin that has an antique look to it, sprayed it with clear spray paint, then planted some succulents in it and put it out to join my other display potted things under the tree, next to my huge Gardenia bush, where it's shady.
A couple of the succulents in the larger double pot seemed over-crowded, so I thought they'd do better in the tin.
Apparently, some succulents are more aggressive then others.

Todays Garden Pic photos of the Day are: Hosta Lilies

 First, my miniature Hosta.  I needed something small and varigated to add some contrast in pot large pot garden out front and found this adorable, tiny Hosta.
It's called "Cameo" and grows no larger then 6 inches.
It even put up this teeny-weeny bloom stalk. How cute is that?
(The ceramic blue cat here is only 6 inches tall itself and looks huge next to this Hosta---that's how small it is!)

"Cameo" Mini Hosta

Next, a photo of the pretty lavender blooms of other Hosta Lilies on the north side of my house.

It has variegated leaves and is classed as  "small".
It blooms earlier then the plain-leaved medium Hostas behind that put up white stalks of blooms.
In the upper right corner you can just see the strongly yellow, green edged leaves of a new Hosta I added this year called "Banana Boat."
It's classed as "large," though still young right now.
Unfortunately, I don't know the names of all the Hosta here. I bought a mixed "grab-bag" from a catalog once and didn't make note of names, if any.
I pay more attention now and just buy specific colors and types.

I saw a lady in Pinterest that posted a photos of her rather massive collection of Hostas. (All labeled!)
Apparently there are lots and lots of varieties!
One tip she had: shredded Irish Spring soap will repel
rabbits and deer from munching!
Also coffee grounds in a garden repels slugs.
Who knew?

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