Tuesday, July 9

Polyvore Tuesday: America Contest Set

This morning, I worked on edging front beds, particularly around the Gardenia bush, which is
huge and started work on trimming it down. It needs 3 to 4 feet trimmed off all around just to get to a point where it can be shaped properly. I only did a small front section and came out with 6 bundles of branches. That sort of thing is only picked up once a week on Saturdays by the trash company, so I'll probably be spacing the project out weekly.
Like I don't need a giant heap of leafy branches on my front lawn all at once!

Artistically, I'm presently working on a "Praise of Flowers" calender for my store. It will feature 12 months of gorgeous flower photos (mine) accompanied by a praise scripture from Psalms.
And I have a Hallmark card entry for July that also needs finishing up.

Today's Polyvore set is one I made for my "80 Sets Around the World" group. 
In honor of the 4th, the U.S.A was selected theme location and I based my entry design on the song lyrics for "America, America."

America, America

Come back for Garden Pics tomorrow!

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