Tuesday, July 16

Polyvore Tuesday: Batgirl

Remember Batgirl from the old Batman TV series, portrayed by Yvonne Craig?
I noticed Polyvore had a nail polish themed prompt in their idea list this morning and, since I'd seen some Batman themed nails in Pinterest recently, decided to theme a set design on some Batman nails I found in the Polyvore clipart. Also found this cool eye make-up.
Then I located cool things like these watercolors in the Polyvore clipart. At that point I decided I wanted to go more Batgirl then Batman and located a couple images of Yvonne Craig's Batgirl. I added a bit of color to the background, some words and voila, the set was complete.
I liked it so well, I decided to post it.

So, here it is. The set's called:
"Sometimes You Have to Be Your Own Hero."

Sometimes You Have to Be Your Own Hero

I'm looking forward to the new "Agents of Shield" series coming this fall, by the way.
You may wonder how Clark Gregg's able to carry on his "Agent Coulson" character after so apparently dying in the Avengers--but, I guess "apparently" is the magic word. From what I read him saying about it in a brief interview, I guess the idea they're working is that Director Fury lied about him being dead and hid the fact he survived.
But Agent Coulson has evolved into such a beloved character it was probably the only logical thing to do, especially if they wanted to feature him the TV series. Whatever the exact explanation, Clark Gregg liked it well enough to accept the role.

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