Tuesday, July 2

Polyvore Tuesday: Be Your Own Fairytale

With daily increasingly percentage chances for rain this week,
I decided today was a good day to work on mowing part of the front. Two sets of Japanese privets (one by garage corner & one in front of A/C unit) and one gardenia needed hedging as well. So I did that, then mowed the one side that runs between our driveway and the neighbors property on the north side of our house. I also laid down some weed & feed as well.
His front lawn, which borders mine, is still devastated both weeds and mole crickets last year and putting down weed and feed is just self-defense. 
(I put down Bug-B-Gone back in May to keep the crickets out after seeing evidence of some.)
My lawn on that side took a hard hit from mole crickets, too, but has since recovered. 
The neighbor on the opposite side has a weed-fest for a front lawn, too, so hopefully I'll be able to mow and weed/feed on side tomorrow. There's just a narrow 6 foot strip of grass between his driveway and my yard and I often include it in my weed & feeding. I figure I'm doing myself a favor.
This is only an issue in front. In back, mulched flower beds and various barriers like fences and block walls, separate my yard from theirs. 
Today's Polyvore set is one I actually did for a contest that used to include a certain brand of make-up, I've since removed the makeup product, but kept the set.
I like the fantasy art look of it.

Be Your Own Fairytale

Be sure and come back tomorrow to see what's in the garden!

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