Tuesday, July 30

Polyvore Tuesday: Burdened With Glorious Purpose Set

Tom Hiddleston plays Loki in the Thor/Avenger films.
Today's set features him as Loki.

His quote was the inspiration for this set.

Burdened with Glorious Purpose
Burdened with Glorious Purpose by madamdreamweaver on Polyvore

I haven't caught him yet on a talk show interview anywhere, but I think I'd enjoy listening to him. He seems a personable sanguine kind of guy who enjoys people and is willing to speak candidly about himself and anything else.

I guess you could say I'm kind of a connoisseur of a good actor interview.

There are actors so shy and reserved they only answer questions they are asked to the degree they're asked and clearly aren't enjoying the process.
They're just there to promote their most recent film because they have to.

Being able to act in front of a camera does not equate to being able to speak well in public.

I've seen Harrison Ford like that: so nervous on a night-time talk show, he spent the whole interview running his hands uncomfortably up and down the back of his seat behind him. It made me nervous watching him.
Robert De Niro is probably the worst interview subject I've ever seen. He and Dustin Hoffman were on Jay Leno to promote one of their In-Laws films and it was like De Niro didn't want to be there.
Jay would ask him a question and De Niro just sat in sulky silence, so Dustin starting filling in the blanks, answering Jay's questions for him. Dustin ended up carrying the entire interview and he's not even a great interview subject himself, but De Niro's silence, forced him to be more outspoken then he normally is in his own right.
Watching the a pair was painfully pathetic.
I've also seen De Niro interviewed alone on Kelly and Michael. He  forced them to carry the conversation, since his replies were largely limited to, "yes" or  "no" or "so-so."
He would not be personal at all. Terrible interview subject.

Now some of the best interview subjects I've seen and really enjoyed listening to:

Ryan Reynolds: personable and conversational, full of antidotes about himself, his films and his wife. Clearly, he also likes people, since he touched every the hand of every audience member in his reach as he walked onto the set of Kelly & Michael.
He enjoys traveling and has a sense of adventure.

Hugh Jackman: he's also witty and conversational, full of antidotes about himself, his films and his family. Fun to listen to, laughs a lot.
(Note: he dressed up in his full Wolverine costume at Comic Con 2013 in San Deigo recently and walked around. A fellow costumed Wolverine told him he was too tall. LOL.)

Nickolas Cage: Offers a more intellectual interview. On Kelly & Michael for Sorcerer's Apprentice he talked about old English history he was reading and how he used that on the film and it was just so interesting in a smart way. I was enthralled.

I think Tom Hiddleston will rate up there in the top 10 of great actors to interview. I'll have to watch for him prior to the next Thor film this fall.

You might wonder why I don't mention any actresses?
Well, women are more generally willing to be chatty over-all.
 Even so, not one comes to mind as an absolutely fabulous interview subject.
Oddly, I pay more attention to their attire, whether it's classy or leaning more toward, "who lied and told this woman she looked good in that?"
I can think of a lot who dressed stupidly. ;)

Stop back tomorrow for Garden Pics!

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