Tuesday, July 23

Polyvore Tuesday: " It's A Good Day" Set

I was minding my own business the other day, walking to the mailbox to check the mail and didn't even notice a smattering of Fire Ants wandering around on the road there. One of the little buggers ran up on my foot and bit me in the tender flesh right between my big toe and second toe! 
They're not called Fire Ants for no reason. Their venom burns like fire. 
Luckily, I'm not allergic to such stuff. Still it's obnoxious. I don't even know what they were doing out on the road.
Basic first-aid for most bites or stings is a wash with hot water and soap, which opens the pores and lets the poison out. 
But I quickly saw a simple quick wash wasn't going to be enough. 
It didn't relieve the effect and adjacent 2 toes were starting to itch. 
I did a longer soak in hot water with Epsom salt in my and that solved it.
Ah, the adventures that come with the outdoors. ;)

Today's set is one featuring the Regina/Evil Queen from the ABC series, "Once Upon A Time," Lana Parrilla.
It was inspired by the pic I found on Pinterest with the striped legs
that says, "You 
know it's been a good day when I didn't have to unleash the flying monkeys."
Despite being an Oz reference, I like it here because it conveys a humorous sense of "well, today I didn't have to be really bad," which seems appropriate to Regina, who is so frequently torn between doing good and doing evil.

Can't wait for the new season!

A Good Day...

Stop by tomorrow to see what's in the garden!

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