Tuesday, August 13

Polyvore Tuesday: Black & White Art

I wanted to do a little mowing today, but a thunderstorm came up, so I only got a little bit done. We have this problem with one of our French drains that ferries rain water from the roof out to a gravel pit buried in yard. It has a back-flow issue, so water punches holes in the dirt right where the two pipes connect by the house. Trying to seal it up has failed. I think I need to try to work with it by creating a place for it to go. I have a length of drainage pipe on hand that should do. It will be a bunch of work, though. Not the first time I've had to use ingenuity for such things.
I'll be joining my sisters and mother for a driving trip to Minnesota in September and, looking at the future temp forecasts for that area, I see it could be a bit chilly for my thin southern blood. (65/45 day and night respectively) 
It will only be a very few days in Minnesota and the rest in Indiana, where capri's should still be okay. I like to order Woman Within and they had a good deal going on some knit pants ($10 each) with free shipping, so I ordered a black, brown and navy pair for this fall trip.
Today's Polyvore set is an artistic one I did for a "Secret Pal" group contest, where I was to make 3 sets for someone who didn't know my identity.
I modeled my sets after that persons style of doing sets (at least I thought so).
It was a disappointing contest. First because only 2 "winners" were chosen (and face it, I thought I was as deserving to win as they, but I always think that) and because the secret pal I did those sets for never said a word. (Secret pals were all identified at the contest's end.)
One theme I noticed in my secret pals sets was she commonly used a "big face" as a set feature along with a sparkle highlight. So, that's what I was aiming to imitate here.

Be sure and come back tomorrow for butterfly pics!

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