Tuesday, August 27

Polyvore Tuesday: Don't Forget To Be Awesome

 I saw in Pinterest pins of Polyvore sets themed on Avenger costumes and I thought that such a good idea, I thought I'd give it a whirl, too!
On the surface, that might a appear simple and so I thought, but it proved more of a challenge then I expected---which is good, because it keeps the inspiration going.
I found this quote in the Hawkeye set on Pinterest, too.

First set: Hawkeye
Lot's of purple and black leather. The stones in the earrings are arrow shaped. The boots have lots of straps and silver buckles like his. The perfume of choice for Hawkeye: Poison.

Don't Forget To Be Awesome

Next: Captain America:Lot's of red, white and blue, plus the motorcycle, since Steve Rogers rides off on one in Avengers, presumably to see the world.
 Both Coke and Wizard of Oz were things he recognized. 

Stars & Stripes

Don't Forget To Be Awesome by madamdreamweaver

Here's a Captain America trivia question:
Director Fury mentioned "flying monkeys" and Captain America said, "I get that!"
 Do you know why Captain America got that reference?

(Answer: Wizard of Oz was in theaters in 1939. Naturally, he'd seen it and Coke was first bottled in 1891.)

Actually, if the Avengers screenwriters had been hep on 1940's slang, Captain America would've have been using a ton of expressions and could have easily flipped the tables and made the other Avenger's not get what he was saying.
For example, when Director Fury walked into the gym, Steve more likely would've said, "What's buzzin', cousin?"
About Loki on the helioport, he might've said, "That cat's gammin" or "grandstandin'" or  "really flipped his wig."
My Father was a young man in the 1940's and Mother says he talked a blue streak of that sort of pop slang.
The screen-writers really didn't capitalize on that period slang except to have him say, "dame" once.
 It's not like Bucky walked up to Steve at the New York exhibition, saying: "Hi-de-ho, I found us a couple of hep kittens togged up to the bricks." (i.e. "hello, I found us a couple girls who want to dance and are dressed real pretty.")  Then the girls, rather then whining, "Come on, Bucky, we want to dance," would've said, "Come on, Bucky, we want to cut some rug."
More Trivia: I didn't know that the actor who played the Cap's friend "Bucky" is the same actor, who played "The Mad Hatter" on "Once Upon A Time."  

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