Wednesday, September 4

Garden Pic Wedneday: 4 O'Clocks

 Before I get to Garden Pics I have a Polyvore set one of my Polyvore friends, Warriormaiden, made for the relative I asked prayers for yesterday.
She also passed the prayer request on to about a dozen of her Polyvore friends to pray, so a prayer chain is forming!

"Fear not, I will help you."
"Fear not, I will help you." by warriormaiden

Garden Pics for today are shots of some of my 4 O'Clocks:
These all bloom after dusk. 
During the day they're just buds.
These pics are from a couple months ago. Now that's it's September, they're running down. I'm intending to let them go to seed and hopefully have more next year.

(Quite a few insects feed after dusk, including a number of moths.)

The ones with mixed color flowers are called, "Paint" and the one with lime green leaves and magenta blooms is called, "Limelight."



That's it for today! I'll have to look over the Mama Kat prompts for tomorrow!

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