Tuesday, September 3

Polyvore Tuesday: Heroic Fashion

On to fun Polyvore stuff: I've been working on a series of fashion sets themed on various Avengers costumes.

This week it's Loki and Iron Man:

First up: Loki:

Sometimes, I look through the selection of perfume clip-art in Polyvore-land seeking not just a bottle color suited to a set, but a perfume name that captures the character of the set.
This bottle in the Loki set below is called, "The Victorious Subjection," which seemed to fit Loki--since that was his intention in Avengers. Plenty of black leather with a bit of green and gold.
Welcome to the New Age

Next: Iron Man & Donuts
Iron Man 2 featured him sitting in a giant donut, though it wasn't a Dunkin' Donuts place, but you get the idea.
The dragon earrings are a nod to the Mandarin of Iron Man 3, who had dragon tattoos. Red and gold are, of course, Iron Man's colors.
Even Iron Man Loves Donuts

Garden Pic Wednesday tomorrow!

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