Tuesday, September 10

Polyvore Tuesday: Mal Reynolds & S.H.I.E.L.D Fashion

Until I started checking out the "Geek" page in Pinterest, I didn't realize how big the fandom was for that canceled Fox show, Firefly.
I saw maybe a whole 2 episodes, but they were on in the wee hours, like 2 am. I never had a chance to get hooked, unfortunately.
If the show ever ran in a prime-time slot, I never knew about it.
 Too bad The CW didn't produce Firefly---they advertise their shows to death.

I watch Castle and didn't even realize what a huge fan following Nathan Fillion has because of Firefly. He's taller then I would've guessed: nearly 6' 2''. 
He just looks shorter on Castle. Maybe it's the suits.  

So, in honor of  Nathan Fillion's role as "Captain Mal Reynolds", I themed this set on his Firefly costume especially for Firefly fandom:
I Aim to Misbehave ~Mal Reynolds~

And for my continued Avenger Fashion series, I designed a lady SHIELD agents "after-hours" fashion set themed on Fury's black and leather costume.
They're a government agency--they'd have a Christmas party.

S.H.I.E.L.D After Hours
Polyvore has finally gotten around to hosting some officially sponsored prize-bearing contests, such as for Old Navy and UGG shoes, which I've done sets for.
You can view those at my Polyvore page here

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