Friday, October 18

Friday Find: Cool Clocks

Finds of the Day:
I saw this "Whatever" clock in Zazzle and just had to chuckle.
The whimsical numbers on this one is what makes it stand out.
 I wish I'd thought of it, but, no, it's not mine. Someone else designed it, but it's quite cleverly done.

The next clock, which looks like an orange slice, is an interesting idea, eh?  And, no, I didn't think of this either. 

Ah, now this last clock, the square one with all the "time" related sayings in neon colors on black, is my design!  I love doing text designs and the idea of doing a clock with these various time adages just popped into my head.
Cute, eh? I think it might look nice in black light.

(If you're interested in any of these, the link is embedded. Just click on the clock!]
Have a great weekend!  See you for Good Eating Monday!

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