Thursday, October 24

Friday Finds: Cute Pinterest Moments

Today's finds are some great moments between fans and their movie heroes or villains as the case may be: 
On set, Tom Hiddleston  always stayed in character when young fans visited and let his young costumed heroes "defeat Loki."
So sweet it makes your teeth hurt. 
Next, Robert Downey, Jr. so holding an excited young fan, who's saying, "Mom! I'm with Iron Man!" 
Then in the next picture, gives him a kiss, saying, "Thank you."
It a good thing Robert in reality is better with people then Tony Stark.

Then we have newest Spiderman enjoying a little down time with a young costumed fan: 

Finally, a comic con picture from last year of a little boy who found hero help:
Apparently he'd lost his Dad in the crowd and was freaked out until he saw his trusted heroes: Flash and Wonder Woman, who he was able to call upon for help.
Clearly more then just a costume; it's a responsibility.
That's all the finds for today!  Have a great weekend!

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