Wednesday, October 9

Garden Pic Wednesday: Shady Rain Garden

Today I'm going to give you a tour of my new "Shade Rain Garden!"
This garden is on the north side, near my back patio. Eastern sun hits the area in the mornings,then it falls into heavy shade from the house until mid-afternoon when western sun rays hit it's outer edge, while the back portion remains shaded.
The landscape Ivy and Hosta's at the back of this photo love it!
Rain water tends to pool in this location, particularly when it rains several days in a row.

I've created a color code of circles to identify things in the photo:

Yellow Circles: Tiny baby Rubeckia (black-eye susans) I recently 
planted that I raised from seed on the sunnier outer edge.

Orange Circles: Native orange daylilies, also on sun-side edge.

Blue Circle: Hydrangea: which is thriving in this location.

Dark Pink Circle: A regular Fern. Bought it at Walmart. It wasn't happy in it's previous location & is better now.

Green Circle: Upright Asparagus Fern. Love this stuff!

Purple Circles: Some kind of ornamental grass that doesn't bloom. I don't know what it is. I found it at an empty trailer park area that was being cleared for developed. This grass was edging what once was a walkway. I dug some up and brought it home. It's just a thick-bladed ornamental plant. Tough as nails. Grows anywhere, sun or shade, but does really well where it's wet.
(I'd love to know it's name!)

This is a work in progress.
 I intend to add at least two medium sized Hosta's in the spring when a good selection become available for order as well as a layer of gravel cover the current grassing-cuttings mulch that's just keeping the grass from encroaching for the time being.
That's it for today! Come back tomorrow for Mama Kat Thursday!

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