Thursday, October 17

Mama Kat Thursday: The Day the House Shook

The Mama Kat prompt for today is:
"Something that scared you when you were young."

I remember it was the year "we thought the furnace was blowing up."
"The furnace wasn't even on," our Mother later observed. "What made you think that?"
Kid logic.
That old dragon of a furnace we had was oil-fueled and without any experience to understand the sudden rattling of every dish in the house, it was the only conclusion our imaginations could conceive.
So we ran out of the house and stood in the yard panting, staring at the house like it was going to bite us.
(Bear in mind as I tell this that we lived way, way out in heavily-wooded rural Indiana.)
But Mother was right. The furnace wasn't on as the weather was pleasant enough for shirt-sleeves. I thought it was summer, but records indicate it might have been early September and if so, it was a weekend, since we weren't in school.
 Mother wasn't home. I think she may have gone grocery shopping, leaving us home alone, since my sisters and I were all well old enough to be left on our own recognizance.
We were completely astonished when all the glassware in the house abruptly started shivering and clinking.
The event drew us all three into the kitchen to stare wide-eyed at the trembling glassware, mystified and frightened.
We had no idea what was going on.
 Being the oldest, it must have been me who arrived at the only logical conclusion possible:
"The furnace is blowing up!"  I yelled
and we all fled for our lives out the front door into yard.
But this minor shaking only lasted a few seconds and as soon as it became apparent nothing worse was going to happen, we trooped back into the house.
When Mother returned home with the groceries, we accosted her with this fantastic tale.
It was only later we learned that what we'd actually experienced was a mild earthquake tremor.

[According to quake records effecting Indiana, only two are listed in the proper time frame: one in November 1968, though the furnace would have been on by then, so I exclude that, and one in early September 1972, which is the most likely candidate, since weather would have been suitably warm.]


Mama Kat said...

You can't beat kid logic. That was awesome!

TMW Hickman said...

Whoa! I have never experienced an earthquake. I think that I would be sleeping outside for a couple of nights!

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