Tuesday, October 22

Polyvore Tuesday: Autumn & Arrow

Today I planted red petunias in various pots and broccoli in the garden. Also added some new Dusty Miller plants along the sidewalk and in various beds. It give beds color all winter.
Dusty Miller, after a couple years, gets old and scraggy looking and either dies or just needs replacing.
I have Romaine seedlings popping up in the garden also--it's a special breed suited to the south.
After I post this I need to back out and move at least the first layer of landscape blocks sitting on the pallet in the driveway for today.
Ideally, it need to have it cleared before Sunday.
Last Sunday evening the group who come for Bible Study weekly I asked if any of them with experience using an ax would be interested in helping us with this retaining wall project on Sat, Nov 2.
(My husband currently has a frozen left shoulder he's been going to therapy for and shouldn't be swinging an ax!) 
Kullen and Branden volunteered, both having some ax skill..
(Pine tree roots are what need the ax in a project like this and there are 2 large, old pines in the vicinity.)

Today's Polyvore pics are one for Autumn I did for a group contest, but didn't win, and an Arrow set themed on the characters costume such as I'd done for the Avengers:
First, autumn in a bottle:

Autumn Dreams

Next, an Arrow themed fashion set:
It Was Perfect Once

 Come back tomorrow for pictures of the retaining wall project!

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