Tuesday, October 8

Polyvore Tuesday: Hue & Dining In Contests

Ever seen HUE products? They make a line of knit wear including tights, form-fitting knit pants and socks. I don't care much for the pants style, which look basically like tights, too. Shows too much of the lower-back 40 my opinion. If I won, I'd get socks.
I noticed because HUE is currently sponsoring a Polyvore contest featuring their pants that I did a set for.

First set is my HUE set design:

I went for a college theme on this one and really like how it came out!

HUE + You: Perfect Leggings for Fall

Update: Woohoo! I won 2nd place in the HUE contest!  Do you believe it? They are giving cash gift card prizes for the top 3 winners! Cool beans!
Next set is for another contest being hosted by a company called, "Design Within Reach."
The theme is "dining-in as the new dining-out," meaning more people are eating at home.
Contests for interior design is a new feature at Polyvore this year, though I'm not really into building sets that look like tiny little furnished rooms. Some people love that and are good at it. Not me.
Instead, I aimed at a collage theme using repeated patterns.
The bowls were originally empty. I added the food to them. I and one other person were the only two people to think of that.

(Polyvore's design board is basically a simple photo-shop and they have a vast store of clip-art to scroll through!)


Simple by madamdreamweaver

There are other contest's going on I've made sets for, so, if you want to visit,
 you can just click the link above!


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