Tuesday, October 15

Polyvore Tuesday: Pirate Festival & Wayfair Set

First today I have pics from the Pirates of the High Seas Festival at Pier Park at Panama City Beach!
Pier Park is a large outdoor mall that runs between the main highway on the north and the beach-side highway on the south. Quite extensive in size.  In the middle is a park with amusement rides and this is where a stage is set for bands and various festival activities.

The festival is, of course, hosted by "Captain Jack Sparrow." This "Jack" impersonator has the voice and mannerisms down pat and apparently hosts it every year.
Being a pirate festival it is naturally full of "Jack Sparrows" of all ages, being his is the most popular of all pirate costumes!
We arrived in time to see "Jack" host the various costume contests for adults and children, which was followed by the "Grand Parade" where a dozen floats full of pirates and mermaids cast beads and other prizes at the crowds lining the streets.
After that, we met up with a friend, who had recently assigned to nearby Tyndall A.F.B, at Olive Garden for dinner in our pirate regalia. Apparently not all diners were
 savvy to the festivities at the malls' other end, so we garnered many a stare. Ah, it reminded of the good old days in a Star Trek Club walking in public in a in Star Fleet Uniform!
Then, after dinner, we walked back to the festival area for a nice display of fireworks!

Photos below include:
 Jack Sparrow, hosting a costume contest, the crowds awaiting the parade, me and hubby in our pirate attire & a float like the many that passed loaded with beads that had, you guessed it---another Jack Sparrow aboard!
It was great fun and I look forward to going again next year!
I may even work on new pirate outfits for us!

Today's Polyvore Set is an interior contest set sponsored by Wayfair. 
I found this sofa at their website, liked it and decided to use it as a central feature. I like doing a collage.
There's been a new furniture place sponsoring a interior set design contest nearly every week this month!

Understated Today

Understated Today by madamdreamweaver 

You can view more sets by clicking the link above!
And be sure to stop by tomorrow for Garden Pic Wednesday!

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