Friday, November 1

Friday Finds: How to Make Your Own Photo Calendar

Today's Find: Make Your Own Photo Calendar!
Opportunity  Demotivalation  Calendar

Step #1)  Select 13 photos you want to use:
For a 12 month calendar, you'll need one for every month and one for the front cover. On back you can just add a background color. (18 month calendars are also an option!)
Do photo-shop them so they look their best before hand!

Step #2)  Now that you have your pictures are ready go HERE to a Blank Medium Size Calendar

Step #3)  Set up your Calendar's year, size and inside look:
With Zazzle's easy to use calendar design tools everything you need is in the right hand column in easy few:
Year, number of months, calendar sizes, nationality, holiday options, coil color and interior calendar grid style options!

Step #4)  To add your photos click "Add Image" and upload your photos one at a time to each page.
The photo will appear right in the middle of the calendar and you'll have to "Arrow it up" to the top of the page!
If you don't want you photo to fill the whole page, there are background colors to choose from and you can place a smaller photo over the top. There's also turning arrows to position a smaller photo at different angles.

Step #5)  If you want to add text to the front cover or any other page, just click "Add text." 
Text boxes can be moved around with your mouse pointer.
There are also buttons to adjust text size, color and font style!

Step #6)  When your calendar is complete to your satisfaction, just click "Save" and "Add to Cart." 
Be sure to note any applicable discount codes for use during your check out!

And, if you do have any problems or questions, you can check the "tips & helps" link or contact Zazzle customer service!

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