Friday, November 8

Friday Finds: Make Your Own Necklace

Today's Find: Make Your Own Zazzle Necklace!
Add a special photo to a necklace of your choice! What a fantastic gift idea for a girlfriend, wife, parents or grandparents!

#1) Go HERE to select your necklace or locket style!
 There are many to choose from!

#2)  Use the "Add Image" button:
A series of windows will take you to your computer files to upload your picture. You can select which style of locket you want after you've got your image arranged.

#3)  Adjust Image:
Use the "+" button, clicking it to enlarge the photo until it fits inside the locket design space as you'd like.  You can move it and center it by using your Mouse Pointer as well.
(There's an "Add Text" button available also if you want to write a year, for example.)

#4) Save and Purchase:
Be sure to check for sales and sale codes you'll need at checkout!
***** If you have any problems or questions, use the "Tips & Help" link or contact Zazzle.

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