Friday, November 22

Friday Finds: Make Your Own Watch!

Tuxedo Cat Watch

Today's Find: How To Make Your Own Photo Gift Watch!

#1)  First  GO HERE to choose your watch style from Zazzle's wide selection!

#2)  Then Load Your Image:
Hint: You need to choose an image that will work well with clock hands in the middle of it.  There's a pop-up window available to help you immediately. Just click "Add Image" buttons. It will load as a rectangle across the watch face.

#3)  Adjust Your Image to Fit:
Just click the "+" Button until your picture fills the watch face as desired. You can also move the image around with you Mouse Pointer to center it.
There is an "add text" option also, but keep in mind your text will only be straight across

#4)  Save and Purchase: 
Be sure to check under the style selection chart of watches

 for Sale info & codes to use during checkout. Deals can range from 10% to 65% off! If you sign up for email, you'll get sales notices directly!

For any problems or questions, you can either check the "Tips & Helps" link or contact Zazzle Customer Service!


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