Friday, November 15

Friday Finds: Other Fandoms Wish Lists for Tom Hiddleston

Todays funny Pinterest finds are artistic concepts of what other Fandoms wish
to see Tom Hiddleston in:
Of course, Dr. Who fans would like Tom to take on the mantle of Dr.Who.
Since they've already picked Doctor #12, perhaps #13 or #14?

Star Trek fans can picture him as Data, the android from Next Generation.

And boy, does he look the part! 

 Pirate of the Caribbean fans wouldn't mind seeing him do something of a pirate nature.
Though, I rather doubt it.

However, we don't need to find a new job for him too soon, as he'll likely have a long running role as Loki, since no film about Thor will be complete without him.

And finally, a little something I photo-shopped together,
making fun of Loki's supreme fandom, suggesting he's even stolen all Wolvie's fans, too.
The ultimate conqueror. Ha, ha, ha.

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