Wednesday, November 20

Garden Pic Wednesday: Glorious Fall Marigolds

First up, a fall marigold picture that borders some of the block wall we installed a couple years ago!
Here in north Florida, our autumn is November-early December, because it takes cooling weather to make the deciduous trees turn color. Cypress tress turn orange, scrub oaks turn russet, maples turn yellows and oranges and sycamores turn yellow, dotting the otherwise evergreen landscape with brilliant color!
Pansy's are planted everywhere, landscaping malls and shopping areas!
I'll have marigolds, vincas, salvia & zinnias until a hard frost hits, then after that mums!

Next, my maturing winter garden full of happy broccoli and red cabbage!

Lastly, my pot of happy baby cilantro.
The stuff likes to grow in late fall and winter here--I know because it has often self-seeded in spring, then not sprouted until this time of year!
So, as often as I have enough to snip, I'll be cooking Mexican during winter when it's also convenient to bake in the oven!
I have some Pinterest recipes stored on my board try this season!
(We used to have to provide our own trash cans when we first moved here in the days before robot-arm trash trucks, so when they converted, we just cut our old trash cans down into planters. They last forever!)

After lunch, today's project is continued work on the block wall in back by the winter garden!

Come back tomorrow for Mama Kat prompt day!

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