Wednesday, November 6

Garden Pic Wednesday: The Finished Landscape Wall!

It's finally done--the beautification project is complete! 
Three of us worked on the retaining wall: myself, my hubby and our young Air Force friend, Kullin.
Kullin did the heavy ax work on some very thick roots that were in the way. One pine root was at least 5 inches thick!
The whole project took about 3 hours.

Kullin & my hubby.

                                           So we went from this:

To this:

Ah, so much better!
The mounds of green are Asparagus Fern Or more properly called Sprengeri. (pronounced: springer-rye) 
The spikey plants are a type of Bromeliad that produces rather exotic blossoms in spring.
I've also planted Liriope grass, which I have lots of, around the base of both pines and up their sides to help keep the soil in place.

But this project used only half the blocks---next week I'll have picture of what the rest will be doing!

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