Tuesday, November 5

Polyvore Tuesday: Another Contest Set!

Do you have any favorite TV shows you keep up with?
Hubby and I watch a few specific shows together:
Agents of Shield, The Arrow, Restaurant Stakeout and Restaurant Impossible---the later 3 all being on Wednesday nights!
By myself I watch Elementary, Once Upon a Time & Castle, though I usually  just record Once Upon a Time, because we're busy Sunday nights, and watch it while I eat lunch on Mondays.
I've watched the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, but have found it less engaging then the original, plus the shows are so complex---I have neither time or energy to keep up with both.
Today's Polyvore Set is one from  a new member group I joined that is focused entirely on flower arrangements:  this first contest was "a flower arrangement in a chair."

fall flowers & butterfly

fall flowers & butterfly by madamdreamweaver

The next contest set is  another interior design set with a prize from sponsor Serena & Lilly themed on "California Cool."
My color scheme is themed on the painting which was an optional item provided.
I put the tree and sun behind the window, which gives it a nice look, I think.
 The contest details specified "lots of glass" as a d├ęcor element--that's why all the glass pieces! ;)

(I later quit the group because I wasn't enjoying it!)

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