Tuesday, November 12

Polyvore Tuesday: Thor 2 & Contest Set

Seen the new Thor: Dark World movie yet?
It's fantastic.
Loki (Tom Hiddleston)
One bit of trivia about the plot-line is Tom Hiddleston (Loki) pitched the general idea to Joss Whedon that he thought it would make an interesting story for Loki and Thor to have to lay aside their antagonisms in order to work together for some common purpose.
And that idea is basically what this Thor movie is about.
Plus it's got an excellent smattering of humor through-out!

Dr. Who fans will love to know that the bad guy, Malekith, the dark elf, is portrayed by Doctor #9, Christopher Eccleston.
Loki fans will be pleased to know Tom's part was greatly expanded from the original script because Marvel knows he's popular.
Also, in the course of the film, Loki fans will definitely want to keep in mind Loki is a trickster and master of deception. The film-makers go to great trouble to demonstrate at the films onset that Loki can do more then merely create likenesses of himself--he can make himself appear like anyone.
Like Avengers, there are two additional scenes to see.
The first scene sets up a new future story line & villain for Thor 3 (provided the this movie earns well)
and a final scene after the full credit roll.

I walked out of the theater thinking, "Wow, Thor thinks everything's cool between him and Odin. Man, is he in for a surprise!
Today's Polyvore set is a contest set for one sponsored by fashion industry giant, Juicy Couture.In deciding a theme, I usually ask myself, "how can I make this different from everything else, so it will stand out among 1000's?"
I'd seen store front window display sets done by one of my Polyvore friends, for a member group she was part of, and decided I try one for a contest entry!
So, here it is:
Wild for Gifts with Juicy Couture

              Come back tomorrow for Garden Pic Wednesday!

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