Wednesday, November 27

Wednesday Garden Pic: The Garden Indoors

 Today's projects include slow-cooking 6 turkey thighs and making the pumpkin cake, which isn't really "a cake" per se, so much as it's a 10 x 13 Dutch pumpkin pie.
It was a Good Eating Monday post last year,
which you can get here.

I'm also spiffing up my Zazzle product selection in anticipation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
I have some nice Christmas items, like gorgeous geometric designed Christmas placemats, pillow, tie and glossy wrapping paper.
Also a very nice selection of t-shirts!

Today's Garden Pics are my "garden" inside":
This photo is in my kitchen, in front of a sunny south-facing window: a vase of Wandering Jew cuttings, Aloe and, Christmas Cactus.
The Wandering Jew spends summers in a pot outside and I just cut lengths of it to keep rooted in a vase until spring, when I replant it. It's a trick I learned from my Mother. Left in a pot indoors, it spills over the side and gets ugly in the middle. This is better. Plus it looks lovely as a vase arrangement on the table!
I've been trying to convince the Xmas Cactus to bloom by covering it daily with a black cloth--more hours of darkness then light is what triggers their bloom!
Next, a photo of dried Hydrangea in a vase:
This in in my dining room. Hydrangea blooms will mostly dry on the bush if you leave them alone. I clipped these, hung them upside down in the garage to finish completely drying out, then sprayed them with a clear spray to preserve them.
Perhaps next year I'll end up with more!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving feast!


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