Wednesday, December 4

Garden Pic Wednesday: December Blooms!

It's warm and somewhat muggy this week with a little rain. I was thinking I doing a little pick-up of limbs and pinecones after lunch.
A frost last week killed the zinnia's, some of the vinca depending on where it was, most of the marigolds, though some struggle on, the salvia in a pot (not the one in the ground next to the house) and nearly all the basil. 
The Thai Basil survived, which is interesting.
I have a hosta up front, which gets Eastern sun, so it stays green all winter and is currently blooming. Go figure.
Today's Pics of the Day are a few I took yesterday:

Pretty purple and red Petunias:

Next, pot bell peppers sporting fresh green leaves and new blooms!
(Spraying with Epsom salt water helps!)
This pot is outside the front door and gets southern sun all day, plus this location is somewhat sheltered from the cold winds.

The back garden wall project as it now looks:
I decided not to do a third row of blocks, but just two. That gave me enough blocks to do a single row around the remainder of the bed!
I intend to plant some garlic here!

Last, a look at one of my newest design projects: a text design pillow, which is so popular these days for home decor:
I created this "little house in a heart" design and placed "Bless Our Home in curved text in 4 colors: teal (pictured), red, violet or black.
Design is on both sides and fits all sizes of pillow in both square & lumbar!
Cover is a polyester knit can be removed and machine washed.
Stop back tomorrow for the Mama Kat prompt!

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